We all have events in life that we can credit for changing how we live and approach the future. For Fabio this would be the birth of his second child, who was introduced into the world facing major heart abnormalities. This moment in time did not just take its toll on Fabio, but on his entire family as well.
Feeling helpless at the affect this was having on his loved ones, Fabio found relief in creating characters that seemed to capture and express the emotional roller coaster that surrounded him.

Simple and odd, yet adorable creatures that evoke many emotions, poured from his mind and directly onto his paper.  From this, a new approach to art was realized.

Now heading into his ninth year of gallery representation, Fabio is focused on growing his family of characters, taking his most well known and loved character, Marcenivo, on new adventures and introducing new characters to his ever growing fan base. With collectors from all over the globe and an endless amount of inspiration, Fabio is always looking onward to bigger and better things to come.

Solider of Love



Acrylic on Wood

24 x 12 in.

Good for My Soul

Acrylic on Paper

29 x 41 in.

The Guardian of Love

29 x 41 in. 

With Love, Hope Grows