Chuck Joseph has been an artist since childhood and is truly self-trained. He likes challenging traditional perceptions of art by experimenting with alternative media. His work doesn’t focus on any one particular subject. He gathers inspiration from diverse experiences, places and surroundings. Joseph's signature technique connects all of his pieces together. He embeds vintage material on the canvas, and then paints  
the subject matter over in oil. Each piece is floated in his custom-designed stainless steel frame. Above all, Joseph strives to create art that is unique, interesting and beautiful. He is inspired by controversial and eccentric art, such as Salvador Dali. Joseph resides in Laguna Beach, California with his wife, Morgan.

Cigar Lounge

Oil on Canvas 

16 x 20 in. 

Afternoon in Paris

Oil on Canvs

30 x 24 in. 

Hippie Chick

Oil on Canvas

12 x 12 in.