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Animazing began in 1984 as a gallery specializing in conceptual animation art. Over time, the collection expanded to include works by renowned American Illustrators. In the 1990’s, CGI, (computer generated Imagery) effectively rendered traditional animation a lost art form. 2012 marked the passing of our friend Maurice Sendak, and hence the end of our relationship as his gallery representation. Simultaneously, important illustration art by Charles Schulz and Dr Seuss became ever-so scarce, and so our focus has now shifted to a more curatorial position. We have created exhibitions for museums in the United States and Asia, and will continue to work towards immortalizing the great American illustrators of “Americana” art in the future.

In 2012 we embraced another organic shift that focused our original intentions in the world of Fine Art with living, contemporary painters and sculptors. Their wildly imaginative original and limited edition works indulge the senses and engage the emotions. While we remain rooted in our original passion for figurative technique, our new endeavors at AFA (Animazing Fine Art) in New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas and France have redefined our ambition and vision. We find it truly exhilarating to have our showrooms covered by artwork that represents some of the most talented, disciplined and innovative artists of our time. We are proud that they define us and we intend to remain astonished by their artistic achievements and inspired by their creative spirit and dedication.

Animazing Gallery / Animazing Fine Art is currently located in New York City, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Belcastel, France. Past locations include Westchester, South Hampton, and South Street Seaport, as well as former locations in Las Vegas, New Orleans and SoHo.

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