Animazing Fine Art


Animazing Gallery is excited to announce its newest endeavor, AFA (Animazing Fine Art).

Animazing began in 1984 as a gallery specializing in conceptual animation art. Over time, the collection expanded to include works by a wide range of renowned Illustrators and pop culture artists.

With this transition into AFA, we embrace another organic shift that focuses our original intentions into the world of Fine Art. Our mission is to find and exhibit a wildly imaginative, edgy and inspired collection of original and limited edition works that indulge the senses and engage the emotions. Our existing ownership, location and personnel will remain the same, energized by new artists and endeavors that will redefine our ambition and vision.

We are proud to introduce the new AFA at our SoHo location and online at

Animazing Gallery will continue to showcase original illustration & animation art.