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Animazing began in 1984 as a gallery specializing in conceptual animation art. Over time, the collection expanded to include works by a wide range of renowned Illustrators and pop culture artists.

Upon acquiring a collection of comic strips by Charles M. Schulz in 1995 the gallery began to focus on Great American Illustrators. In the gallery’s search to find art exhibiting “the perfect line”, the owners soon discovered an important collection of drawings and watercolors by Ted Geisel, AKA Dr Seuss. The artwork was exhibited in numerous museum exhibitions.

In 2002 Animazing debuted an exclusive historic collection of art and sculpture by Dr Seuss together with The 100th anniversary retrospective exhibition of Dr Seuss, a show that went on to tour the US and beyond.

Owner Nicholas Leone enjoyed a friendship with Maurice Sendak that was also a rich educational experience because of the savvy and expertise gained from the artist. Together they curated the largest gallery exhibition in Maurice’s career in Oct of 2009 and benefited the Rosenbach Museum. After Maurice’s passing, he conceived and curated The Maurice Sendak Memorial Exhibition: 50 Years, 50 Works 50 Reasons, which toured museums in the US in 2013 and Europe and Asia the following year.

Director Nicholas Leone serves as a consultant for numerous auction houses and also handles gallery sales and acquisitions.